Our Mission

The Personnel Appeal Board hears appeals: by any person with provisional, probationary, or permanent status in a position in the classified service aggrieved by an action of the Administrator of Adjudication for the Department of Administration on matters of personnel administration; by any person with provisional, probationary or permanent status in a position in the classified service who has been discharged, demoted, suspended or laid off by any appointing authority; by any person who holds the belief that he/she has been discriminated against because of his/her race, sex, age, physical handicap, or political or religious beliefs; by any person who, by the personnel policy of Rhode Island or by contractual agreement with Rhode Island, is vested with the right of appeal to the Personnel Appeal Board.

The Personnel Appeal Board consists of five qualified electors known to be in sympathy with the application of modern personnel practices, not more than three of whom shall be members of the same political party. The board shall elect one of its members chairperson.

The Personnel Appeal Board administers the Merit System Law governing appeals, maintenance of records, reviews, appeals from decisions rendered, and records of cases adjudicated prior to scheduling a public hearing. The board is authorized to require the attendance of witnesses by subpoena and acquire the production of books, papers and documents necessary at any hearing. Transcripts are available to all interested parties. Where permissible within the law, the board assists state personnel in the proper filings and processing of appeals.


R.I.G.L. 36-3, sections 3 through 11 delineate the powers and duties of the Personnel Appeal Board.